Case Study: Profitable Chronic Care Management Program Adheres to Quality Measures

After an independent practice's in-house CCM program drained too many resources, they turned to Vital Health Links' physician-led program for integrated, personalized care management their patients need.  

The senior Medicare patients of an Iowa family practice had been very responsive to the extra attention received since enrolling in the clinic Chronic Care Management program. But the clinic's ability to make the program productive was problematic. Despite the patient benefits, the internally run program bogged down their workflows, making it untenable.

That is when Clinic Director Erin F. engaged Vital Health Links, a doctor founded and led CCM provider. She and the board of directors felt assured by Vital Health Link's patient care adherence to quality measures after unfortunate experiences with 3rd party vendors. 

"VHL was a better fit for our productivity and workflows."

"After using our own internal CCM program, we found that using VHL was a better fit for our productivity and workflows. VHL handles these services well. Patients like to talk regularly. Having VHL allows us to reach out to patients more. And they're excellent at listening and documenting. Patients also have someone to call if they cannot get through to us." 

Vital Health Links dedicated care management helps the clinic's practitioners with continuous, meaningful connections with acute patients without burdening workloads or care quality.

The family practice and Vital Health Links continue to have a successful CCM partnership, achieving more income and delivering added value to over 1100 patients without any additional burden. They have also launched a Remote Patient Monitoring program, affording more care to their acute, chronic illness patients population.

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