Meet The Coordinator Care Team

Saurin Patel

Saurin Patel, MD

CEO, Founder

"I'm inspired because we're providing an information driven, value conscious healthcare process that is making the lives of everyone involved much better—and this is just the beginning..."

Dr. Patel oversees all operations since founding VHL in 2016. He is a working physician, trained at the University of Kansas Hospital, and holds an MBA from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. He has served as Vice President of Ambulatory and Population Health for a large health system in Minneapolis, as well as system Chief Medical Officer.

Nilay S. Patel, MD

Medical Director

"I'm inspired by this transformative moment for healthcare. Patients can get help at a level that wasn't available before our system."

Dr. Patel directs our clinical care training and quality assurance programs. He also serves as the chief liaison to ensure clear communication and execution of physicians' pathways.

Along with his clinical background, Nilay has experience working in medical affairs and marketing for companies involved in cancer therapy innovation.

JoJo Ju

Director of Product Development & Process Improvement

"I’m inspired by the rapid growth and innovation that is currently overtaking the healthcare landscape—these are programs and resources that will change the meaning of comprehensive and coordinated care for a significant population."

Ju develops new products & processes to optimize quality, efficiency, and patient outcomes for our partners. She holds a Master of Biological Sciences, Immunology from Mayo Graduate School, where she studied B cell development in celiac disease, and a Bachelor of Arts from Grinnell College.

Ajeet Kumar Prabhakar

Chief Technical Officer

“I'm inspired because I help guide how we use of innovative technology to provide efficient, secure solutions for chronic care management.”

Prabhakar directs complex software design and peripheral device integration. He brings expertice in electronic medical record systems, accounting management software, smart mail software, complex data analysis and security management systems. Prabhakar was been awarded a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications and is a certified programmer of .Net Technologies.

Tory Sample

Lead Care-Coordinator

"I'm inspired by the opportunity to be able to help patients with their chronic needs and assist staff in accomplishing whatever the patients' needs may be in between office visits."

Sample helps manage various aspects of medical assistance for Vital Health Links. Her medical-assistance experienced includes neurology and pain management, as well as urology.

Jessica Sakowicz

Lead Care-Coordinator

"I'm inspired because I get to see patient improvement first-hand, focus on patients, one-on-one, build relationships and focusing on their overall wellbeing."

Sakowicz guides VHL Care Coordinators to ensure successful patient interactions. In her role as a Care Coordinator, she directly facilitates patient wellness. She has been a Registered Medical Assistant for 19 years with experience in family practice medicine, internal medicine, oncology, cardiology, and chiropractic care.