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Shared Purpose.

Q. Why would a CCM/RPM partner aspire to support enhanced quality care and your revenue growth while safeguarding against diminishing your doctors' control?

A. Because Vital Health Links is driven to support real change health in care outcomes—not just provide another suite of products.

Coordinated care,
dedicated to you

Vital Health Links was founded by a practicing physician with an MBA (Meet our team here), dedicated to making "your practice without boundaries" a reality.

Since 2016, we continue to help practices and systems overcome barriers to healthcare without boundaries through our clinical, profitable, and personalized chronic illness care support methods.

From being led by your doctors’ directives, to our end-to-end clinical approach, Vital Health Links’ methodology is different from most CCM or RPM providers. You experience the benefits of clinically trained Care Coordinators who are dedicated to your practice or system’s unique healthcare needs.

Clinical care,
personal approach.

  • Doctor-trained to provide clinical-based coordinated care and responsiveness.

  • Dedicated to your doctors' directives and patient panels for continuous, personalized support without compromise. 

  • Customized for seamless integration with your EMR, operations, and workflows.

  • Attentive from end-to-end: monitoring chronic conditions, social determinants, screenings and assessments.


Our pathways support you and your patients with organized clinical-care processes on your behalf, regardless of location or time. Our clinical processes are built to carry out the directives of the attending doctor, along with standardized, evidence-based guidelines of the American Medical Association and American Heart Association, for responsive customizable care

Success Stories

The extra

Bridging gaps in clinical care and social-determinants are just a part of VHL Care Coordinators’ dedication to you, resulting in stronger engagement, increased compliance, and lengthening enrollment in the program. True end-to-end chronic care management includes identifying and addressing obstacles to care that can define chronic illness outcomes for patients.

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