Empowering FQHC & RHC Clinicians and Patients

Coordinated Chronic Care Management (CCM) helps advance your mission by facilitating care management that is clinical-methodology driven, resulting in sustainable new revenue. Learn more about what doctor-led support can do for you.

[Guide] CCM for FQHCs & RHCs

Turn-key Suites. Integrated.
End-to-end care. Finally.

Extending your CCM capabilities is now seamless—from initial integration with your EMR and existing workflows, to proactive and responsive coordinated care, based on your doctors' directives.

Chronic Care Management
without boundaries.

Dedicated Care Coordinators

VHL Care Coordinators are dedicated to your patient panels, your doctors' directives and clinical methodology. They bridge gaps in care. They provide up-to-date assessments of patients' needs and patterns, including quality metrics and social determinants of risk.

How It Works

Through monthly outreach, VHL Care Coordinators provide education and support, supplemental resources, and timely intervention using standardized clinical pathways and guidelines set by the clinic. Learn more about what makes VHL coordinated care special.

Your Unique Advantages

  • Care Coordinators receive detailed clinical training, including methodology and workflows, tailored to your clinic and EMR
  • Care Coordinators dedicated to your patient panels provide consistent, personalized care, supporting your patient engagement
  • Complete, turn-key integrated management enhances care quality, operations, and personnel without disruption or compromise.

Annual Wellness Visit

Advanced Directive/Living Will

Cognitive Assessment

Proprietary HOPE App facilitates streamlines CMS required regular dementia screening for early detection.

CCM Reimbursement CPT Code

G0511 - $84.29

You provide quality care and outpatient health services, serving as a safety net for underserved communities across the United State and its territories. Your support provides holistic patient care including preventative health care, dental, mental health and substance abuse treatment. Let our experienced FQHC and RHC support provide you with a path to sustainable quality care without boundaries, and enhanced revenue.

How to Choose the Right CCM/RPM:
Three Deal-Breakers