2022 CCM & RPM Revenue Calculator

  • Medicare CMS's reimbursements for CCM (chronic care management) and RPM (remote patient monitoring) provide even more support for practices to expand care for chronic illness patient populations in 2022.


  • By integrating non-face-to-face and remote care methods, practices, systems, and community centers have added secure, diversified revenue sources. Here are the updated codes for initial billing and their values.

  • $62.16

    CCM | CPT 99490 | Monthly

  • $54.10

    RPM | CPT 99454 | Monthly

  • $48.72

    RPM | CPT 99457 | Monthly

  • $84.29*

    CCM | CPT G0511 | Monthly*

    *RHC/FQHC only

CCM & RPM Adds Up

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