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Our Care Coordinators are clinically trained to make Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring feel like an extension of your care. Learn more about an approach that works in any healthcare climate.

CCM & RPM Refresher Guide

How we enhance engagement,
compliance, and lengthen enrollments.

Our CCM and RPM services and platforms are built on Care Coordinator-run systems that feel like a true extension of your care—based on your directives, and integrity, diligence and clinical methodology throughout.

  • Complete, turn-key CCM & RPM services unlock personnel and technology dedicated to you at no additional cost.

  • Coordinated Care dedicated to your directives, workflows, and clinical pathways feels like your care, extended.

  • Your VHL Coordinated Care grows in step with your patients and revenue.

Chronic Care Management
without boundaries.

Our doctor-led, clinically-trained VHL Care Coordinators are dedicated to your practice or system and its unique healthcare needs, making our CCM support more profitable and personalized for you without requiring additional investment.

Dedicated Care Coordinators

VHL Care Coordinators close the gap in care by keeping providers up-to-date with their patients' needs and patterns, as well as monitoring and updating a patient’s quality metrics and social determinants of risk.


Through monthly outreach, VHL Care Coordinators provide education and support, supplemental resources, and timely intervention using standardized clinical pathways and guidelines set by the clinic. Learn more about what makes VHL coordinated care special.


  • Detailed training, including workflows and EMR, tailored to your clinic
  • Dedicated to your patient panels for care that feels consistent and personalized 
  • Turn-key integration enhances care quality, operations and personnel without compromise
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Annual Wellness Visit

Talk to a medical consultant

Advanced Directive/Living Will

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Cognitive Assessment

Proprietary HOPE App streamlines CMS required regular dementia screening for early detection.

Intuitive CCM Software

Proprietary turnkey software. Intuitive dashboard features compliant CMS timer and data tracking. Integrates with existing Electronic Medical Records.

Reimbursement Codes Details

  • CPT 99490 - Basic CCM Assessment - $42
  • CPT 99439 - Additional Assessment - $38
  • Total Monthly Reimbursement - $80

Remote patient monitoring
without boundaries.

Our doctor-led, clinically-trained Care Coordinators are dedicated to your practice and its unique healthcare needs, making Vital Health Links Remote Patient Monitoring a more profitable and personalized experience. We provide end-to-end enhanced support for multiple use cases including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease, heart failure, obesity and more. 

RPM goes beyond monitoring data from blood pressure cuffs, scales, and blood-glucose meters, to provide end-to-end support that is customized to integrate seamlessly with your workflows. All this and it's complete and ready to support.  See how we provide care that looks and feels like yours—without your investment of extra time, tech or money.

Reimbursement Codes

  • CPT 99453- Initial Setup (First month only)- $19
  • CPT 99454- Data Transmission- $63
  • CPT 99457- Treatment Management- $51
  • CPT 99458- Treatment Management- $42
  • Total Monthly Reimbursement- $155
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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Your support includes blood pressure cuffs, scales, and blood-glucose meters (talk with a medical consultant for details) that transmit clinical data cellularly (not limited by WiFi availability) to achieve quality measures.

Remote Patient Care Suite

VHL Care Coordinators provide next-level, complete care that feels like yours.  From enrollment, to cellular data processing, to responsive clinical decision-making guided by your physicians' direction, you benefit from care coordinated to your unique healthcare needs without the investment, and revenue without compromise. 

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