2022 Medicare CPT codes and fees could add notable value to your practice...

This PROVIDER INSIDER FACTSHEET download is an 8-min. read. Healthcare providers, doctors, and administrators offering or considering ambulatory services, the 2022 Payment Policies Under Physician Fee Schedule includes additions and changes that would likely affect your income, non-facility and scalable care, and your ability to increase patient compliance. Here are three significant themes:

There are more codes/qualifications for Chronic Care Management, Complex CCM, and Principal Care Management services. They include new codes CPT 99X21, CPT 99X23, and CPT 99X25.

Also, the proposed rule includes significant reimbursement increases for CCM, CCCM, and PCM services. For example, CPT 99490 would increase $22, and six additional CPT codes would receive higher reimbursements.

Finally, the new program Remote Therapeutic Monitoring, along with five more new codes and fee schedules, CPT 989X1, 989X2, 989X3, 989X4, 989X5, are listed in the proposed rule.

This proposed schedule is the most recent development in non-facility care, which reached a tipping point in 2020, as face-to-face care became more difficult. Data shows few signs of this trend slowing down: Since 2016, Remote Physiological Monitor use has increased 300% (from 7M to 23M patients).

2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule has the potential to be the most recent expansion of non-facility CCM and RPM codes & incentives by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Since 2016, CMS has incentivized more opportunities to help chronic illness patients achieve optimum health while putting physicians and practices in the best possible position to receive reimbursement with assistance from coordinated care.

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