The only RPM equipment supported by doctors. Now cost-free.

Vital Remote Links® clinically-coordinated Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) results in sustainable revenue growth through care management compatible with your directives, workflows, and evidence-based methodology. No Wi-Fi, personnel, or assembly is required.

  • Add $1,233.84/patient/year

    Earn reimbursements from multiple monthly codes for each Medicare patient in your clinic

  • Risk-free, evidence-based process  

    Your cost-free devices are backed by guidelines-driven patient data review, outreach & patient enrollment support

  • Full service, easy to start 

    Dedicated doctor-led care is cost-free to start, turn-key, and complete

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The most efficient revenue in value-based care

  • CPT CODE 99453


    One time, per patient INITIAL SETUP
  • CPT CODE 99454


  • CPT CODE 99457


    Annually, per patient 1st 20 MINS: TREATMENT AND MANAGEMENT
  • CPT CODE 99458


    One time, per patient  SUBSEQUENT 20 MINS; UP TO 2X

End-to-End Care Doesn’t End at Data Transmission

Vital Health Links manages your practice's RPM program through ongoing data transmission and compliance—based on the proven patient care methodology that has made Vital Health Links a leader in doctor-led chronic care since 2016.

  • Enrollment specialists and Care Coordinators dedicated to your practice
  • Patient support from device setup through onboarding
  • Thorough intake helps establish patient's understanding of the disease process and existing gaps
  • Established RPM care pathways based on disease guidelines and your physicians' directives
  • Live, dedicated care managers facilitate patient interventions and compliance.
  • Bill generation for clinic payment reconciliation
  • Doctor-led support for the Care Coordinators and your clinic
  • Scheduling & Billing
  • High-Risk Alert Intervention
  • Monthly Care Plan Goals Assessment
  • Active Cellular Data Assessment
  • Welcome & setup
  • Enrollment

Easy to
Grow with

  • 1. Activate

    Click here to activate your program, and initiate your cost-free RPM equipment supported by the only doctor-led RPM coordinated care team.

  • 2. Turn-key Implementation and Enrollment

    A complete, turn-key implementation team seamlessly launched your RPM program, and dedicated specialists identify and enroll eligible patients.

  • 3. Personalized Care From the Start

    Care Coordinators facilitate personalized onboarding and support for patients and your practice, making startup comfortable and smoothe.

  • 4. Data Reading, Management, and Ongoing Engagement

    Care Coordinators facilitate patient physiologic data collection analysis and personal care-plan compliance and intervention based on physician and national guidelines.

  • 5. Billing & Reimbursement

    Monthly Medicare compliant billing is automatically prepared for you to submit and receive reibursements.

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RPM Cellular Weight Scale

Makes tracking and transmitting measurements optimal for patients and practitioners out of the box: no Wi-Fi or assembly required. Supported by VHL's exclusive data analysis and live clinical care.

Cellular Blood
Pressure Monitor

Optimizes blood pressure tracking and responsiveness for patients and practitioners—no Wi-Fi, assembly, or personnel required. Backed by VHL's exclusive live data analysis and clinical care.

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